About Cubits

Short overview

Founded in 2014, Cubits is an all-inclusive platform to buy, sell and accept Bitcoin. Our easy-to-use interface allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly with 17 supported currencies.

The Cubits Wallet offers secure Bitcoin storage and easy Bitcoin transfers and payments. We work in tandem with Credit Card providers, Onlinebanktransfer.com, Sofort, OK Pay, Dotpay, SEPA and Swift to offer our customers a fast and easy buy and sell process. Cubits’ flexible API allows merchants to accept Bitcoin immediately, offering various shopping cart plugins including Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Shopware or osCommerce.

Mission statement

One world, one currency

We are building the future of finance. By combining the power of Bitcoin and the blockchain with traditional financial tools, we can introduce a new era of finance, where payments are faster, cheaper and more secure.

Vision statement

  • Make Bitcoin easy to use

    We aspire to be the biggest blockchain-based financial institution in Europe – leaders of finance fit for a global society – empowering instant financial communication between anyone, anywhere in the world

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