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What is Cubits Pay?

Cubits Pay gives you free access to our collection of shopping cart plugins, payment buttons, and API. No matter how big or small your business is, we have a Bitcoin payment solution for you. No additional hardware is required.

Our customer support is standing by to help you with any of your integration needs at [email protected].

How do I register for a merchant account?

We ask all merchants to provide us with general company contact information, their website and other basic verification documents. These are used for “Know Your Customer” purposes only.

Once registered, merchants can start accepting Bitcoin by generating payment buttons, using our collection of popular shopping cart plugins, or integrating the Cubits API into their existing platform.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have difficulties with the registration process.

How do I install a payment or donation button on my website?

Installing a button is the easiest way to show your customers you accept Bitcoin in your web shop. From our Cubits Pay interface, you can set an individual item’s description and price, which will generate a unique HTML code and a preview of the button. Simply copy and paste the generated code into your website and you'll have a fully functional Bitcoin payment option.

How do I install Bitcoin as a payment option in my website's shopping cart?

Cubits supports the following shopping cart plugins:

  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • osCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopware
  • Magento
  • WP eCommerce
  • Woo Commerce

If you'd like for your web store to begin accepting Bitcoin, then you're just an easy plugin installation away.

How do I create a custom solution?

If you have specific needs or require more control over the payment process, we have a custom API to suit all your business’ needs. With ready-made libraries and documented example code, we make using the Cubits API a very straightforward process.

The Cubits API offers:

  • Secure authentication mechanism
  • Invoice creation with single API call
  • Permanent payment screen URLs
  • Custom reference fields
  • Flexible and secure callback mechanism
  • Customer support
  • Payments and invoice change notifications

Our professional support staff and engineers are ready to aid you in the process at: [email protected].

How can I customise my payouts with sales in Bitcoin?

Cubits offers three ways to customise your payout options:

  1. Bank Account – Under “Profile”, specify your company bank account and make it your private payout destination to receive funds from us on demand.
  2. Payout Frequency — Choose how often you want to be paid out. We offer daily, weekly, monthly or manual payouts.
  3. Keep a portion in Bitcoin – Do you want to offer Bitcoin payments as bonus to your employees? Do you have a supplier that you can pay in Bitcoin directly? Do you believe in the appreciating value of Bitcoin? Then keep a percentage of your sales in Bitcoin (0-100%) and use it from your Cubits Wallet or sell it using our Direct Sell feature whenever you want.

If you have further questions regarding your payout options, please contact us at: [email protected]

My shopping cart is not supported. Can I still interface with Cubits?

It's simple to interface with Cubits without using a supported shopping cart. Simply use Cubits API to connect to our platform.

Do customers have a limited time to complete their Bitcoin payment?

Yes, every invoice is valid for only 15 minutes. This limits your risk of exposure to fluctuations in Bitcoin's price. Cubits absorbs any risk associated with the price volatility within the 15 minute window.

What if the 15 minute window expires?

If the 15 minute window expires, the user will be asked to return to the checkout page and click the Bitcoin payment button again. A new invoice will be generated.

What do customers see when they choose to pay with Bitcoin?

Every time a customer chooses to pay with Bitcoin, the customer is presented with:

  1. A Cubits payment screen containing the price in Bitcoin
  2. The Bitcoin payment address
  3. Optional information about your company and/or the customer’s completed order

The payment screen corresponds with a unique invoice and is valid for 10 minutes. Within those 10 minutes, customers can pay using their Cubits account or any other Bitcoin wallet service. Once the Bitcoin is sent, both the merchant and customer receive a payment confirmation. The customer will then be redirected back to your web shop.

What happens if a customer pays too much?

If a customer deposits more money than is stated in the invoice, the difference is placed in the merchant's account as a separate deposit. Please contact [email protected], and we will assist the merchant to return the excess money.

Could I lose money in my local currency from selling my products with Bitcoin?

No, you can't. The default setting on our platform automatically exchanges your Bitcoin to your local currency and allows you to send the exchanged funds to your bank account. We make sure that all our merchants are not exposed to any volatility risks and earn exactly what they charge.

How quickly are Bitcoin payments processed?

Bitcoin payments to merchants are processed instantly. This means that as soon as a customers send the Bitcoin, the merchant will receive a notification and be able to view the funds in their Cubits Pay account.

Are instant Bitcoin payments safe?

We use a range of tools to make sure our instant Bitcoin payments are safe. We spent over a year developing several innovative solutions enabling us to confirm the validity of payments. Find more information on our Cubits Security Page.