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What is the Cubits Bitcoin Wallet?

The Cubits Wallet is your personal Bitcoin wallet that allows you to make instant transactions globally. You can monitor your Bitcoin balance or send, receive, and pay with Bitcoin both online and with your mobile phone. The Cubits Wallet also provides users with multiple addresses. We manage these addresses to to ensure your comfort and to prevent your activities from being tracked on the blockchain. You can sign up for your wallet with this link.

Where is my Wallet Address?

The wallet address is located in the upper right corner of the Cubits Dashboard. Clicking the “Get Address” tab will open a new window with your QR code (a visual address) and your Bitcoin address.

How does the Cubits Wallet protect my privacy?

We generate a new address for each individual transaction. The network identifies payments made to you using this wallet addresses. Nobody can track you as long as you use different addresses.

In order to fully understand how Bitcoin Addresses work when you make a deposit or receive change, see our page on how Bitcoin works.

How long does it take for transactions to process when I send or receive payments?

Your deposits will usually be immediately credited to your account. Most payments from your Cubits Wallet will be instant, but in some cases (e.g. payments in high amounts), we perform a manual check of the payment request. This may take up to one business day.

If you don't see your funds credited to your wallet within 2 hours, please contact our support staff at [email protected].

Why is there a difference between my Cubits Bitcoin balance and the balance on other Bitcoin service platforms, such as

To protect your privacy and to increase the security of your account, Cubits generates individual addresses for each transaction you complete. The amount shown in your Cubits Wallet is the sum total of the amounts held at all of your different addresses. Services like only show the amount associated with a single address, meaning the balances associated with your other addresses are not visible.

In order to fully understand how Bitcoin Addresses work when you make a deposit or receive change, read about how Bitcoin works.

How can I secure my Cubits wallet?

The best ways to secure your wallet are with a strong password and by enabling two-factor authentication, or 2FA. When creating your password, use a string of numbers and characters that aren't easy to guess and that you've never used for any other online accounts. Enabling 2FA will add an extra layer of security by making it harder for others to access your account should your password be compromised.