Help section

What is Cubits?

Cubits is a European Bitcoin marketplace that provides users with a secure and convenient platform for exchanging, storing, and accepting Bitcoin via one easy-to-use interface. We also provide a secure, user-friendly wallet service with built-in Buy and Sell capabilities. For more information about us and why we started Cubits, visit our About Us. To learn more about how our wallet works, visit the Cubits Wallet section.

How can I use Cubits
to buy Bitcoin?

Cubits is a platform for instantly buying and selling Bitcoin. We make it fast, easy, and secure. Simply register for a Cubits account or create a Cubits Wallet - there are Buy and Sell features built right in. Read more about how to use the Cubits Wallet to buy Bitcoin.

How does Cubits protect my funds?

User security is one of our top priorities. All of our users' Bitcoin are stored offline, in deep cold storage, where they are inaccessible to internet-based attacks. Any online funds are Cubits' own Bitcoin, meaning that in the unlikely event of an attack all lost funds will be Cubits' own. Furthermore, all transactions are multi-signature, which decreases your risk of fraudulent spending. Finally, users can enable two-factor authentication to further decrease the chance of someone else accessing their wallet.

Where is my Bitcoin address?

The wallet address is located in the upper right corner of the Cubits Dashboard. Clicking on the ‘Get Address’ tab will open a new window with your QR code (a form of address that can be scanned to transfer funds) and your Bitcoin address.

How is my bank account
data secured?

The Cubits team devoted over a year to developing a secure exchange platform according to best practices and even improved upon established industry standards. No sensitive user data is stored on publicly accessible servers, and every database request is tightly controlled and encrypted. Additionally, all encrypted logs are stored in external locations with comprehensive human intrusion detection systems.

How is my verification
document data secured?

Cubits makes sure all your data is protected. We work with IDnow, a PCI Level 1 compliant company, to ensure your data is never at risk of exposure.

IDnow reg­u­larly con­ducts secu­rity audits, vul­ner­a­bility scans and pen­e­tra­tion tests to ensure com­pli­ance with secu­rity best prac­tices and stan­dards. To demon­strate PCI com­pli­ance a yearly on-site val­i­da­tion assess­ment by a QSA is car­ried out.

What if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, simply go to the Reset Password to reset it. Enter your email address and follow the instructions you receive in the email we send you.

What do I need to sign up?

All you need to provide us with is your e-mail address and mobile number. It is possible to sign up with only an e-mail address, but we require SMS verification to enable buy and sell Bitcoin features with Cubits.

I am a US citizen.
Can I buy Bitcoin with Cubits?

Cubits does not allow users from the US to perform Buy and Sell operations. US users can use our Cubits Wallet, but will be unable to transfer money to Cubits accounts or access the Buy and Sell options

Where is my private key stored?

Cubits is a hosted wallet, meaning we hold all of your private keys offline for you. This ensures that at any time, your funds are secure and uncompromised. Additionally, we employ multi signature technology in order to guarantee there is no single point of failure within our system.

My question wasn't answered in the Help section, who can I contact?

If you have any further questions, then please contact us at: [email protected].